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About the Artist

The Artist was born and raised in North Staffordshire, where his parents instilled what was to become a lifelong love and appreciation for wildlife and the varied landscapes of the British Isles. Binoculars, a parental gift for his eleventh birthday, opened up a whole new world and from a fascination with our native birdlife (and several years of ‘twitching’), grew a more general appreciation of the British countryside, its wildlife and the lives of those who live and work there.

Craig Taylor.jpg

After meeting his future wife, he spent several years living in East Cheshire, just a stone’s throw from the famous ‘Sandbach Flashes’ and their varied birdlife and reputation for rarities, before the couple moved to the beautiful island of Anglesey. The change of pace that island life brought and the varied wildlife and landscape on their doorstep were hard to resist and the amateur artist made the move to full time professional in the spring of 2021.

Frequent sketching trips on the island and North Wales mainland give the artist the subject matter and inspiration for his paintings, providing the essential reference materials for both the focal point and the landscape it inhabits. This fieldwork is often undertaken in pencil, coloured pencil and watercolour for speed. Back in the studio the Artist works in several mediums according to his ‘vision’ for the finished piece. Watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil each have their place and lend their own unique feel to a finished painting. 

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